Saturday, December 18, 2004

Game Development Status

Monthly total around 20 hours, yearly total about 363 hours.

I am currently working on a few bugs that Chris told me about. I am hunting for bugs by playing the AI game without moving the human side, and seeing what breaks. So far I have got the game to go to turn 8 movement plotting in the Opening Moves without breaking.

Actually, it's pretty cool to see it go that far. Remember the old electric football games? Once you put your players on the board and turn it on, they just tend to go all over the place? The AI is a lot like that right now. There are gaps in the code for regroup, reinforcement, and higher echelon leader movement that cause most commands to move onto the board a full move and stop. Still, the commands are moving in the right direction, charges and assaults are executed, and fire is exchanged.

I will continue hunting for bugs until I can run a no-human-move AI game of the Opening Moves to completion. This is pretty exciting stuff for me. We are getting close.

By the way, I put copies of the Rulebook and the Battle Book on the GSI beta test forum.


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