Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Game Development Status

October total to date 14 hours 48 minutes. Yearly total 315 hours.

Latest changes include:
  • AI now makes its turn 1 plots based on post-setup situation. Previously, the AI's turn 1 processing began as soon as the AI was started up, based on the setup positions.
  • AI shuts down gracefully when the game ends. Game always shows the confirmation dialog, whether the user uses File Exit or presses the close button in the upper left.
  • Sync code copies more data between AI and main thread, and properly limits that data according to the limited intel rules.
  • Assaults work. We need to tweak the code that decides whether to assault or not, infantry units assault very frequently now.
  • Fixed a few more memory leaks. There are still more leaks, but I'm OK with going into Beta with a few leaks.
At this time the game is beginning to show some decent behavior, as long as you're into "hey diddle diddle, straight up the middle". The basic building blocks are in place to make the units do everything that needs to be done. The next few sessions should see us into the implementation of basic divisional-level tactics.


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