Friday, November 05, 2004

Game Development Status

November total 3 hours 35 minutes; yearly total 321 hours 40 minutes.

I recently made a sweep through my TODO list in order to reorganize it into several parts:

  • a "quick fix list" of tasks that might already have been done or could be done quickly
  • a list of AI tasks pertaining to Command Points and Maneuver Units
  • a list of all other AI tasks
  • all other bugs and enhancements

I also further categorized the list(s) by whether a task needed to be completed before the Beta or before the RC.

This evening I started working through the "quick fix list". I made good progress. I quickly closed out a half dozen taks that had already been completed. I moved some hex utility functions out of the AI and the document into the CHexMinus class. I also implemented one feature: when you click through a stack of units on the map, the top unit you see now becomes the top unit in the stack. Previously, the game would show you all the units in the stack as you clicked through them, but would not rearrange the stack.

I think I have another 4-5 hours to work through "the quick fix list," then I will get back to the AI, starting with CP/MU stuff and rapidly moving through the divisional attack and defense doctrine implementations. We'll see. At this point things are looking iffy to reach Alpha (feature complete) by the end of November. I'll know more by Thanksgiving, as I am working on the game full time that week.

Bill N.


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