Saturday, November 20, 2004

Game Development Status 11/23/04

monthly total 20 hours 52 minutes; yearly total 338 hours 57 minutes, more or less

I've been getting back up to speed here in the latter part or the month. I had almost 6 hours on the clock today. I've been working through some game system and UI bugs the last couple of sessions, at the request of Chris. Let's see...I'm (again) improving the toolbar button and context menu handling to be more consistent, and to prevent your opponent from issuing orders to your units. Yeah, I thought y'all would like that. I fixed the artillery so you can fire it more than once a game, and I set up a new Command Orders phase toggle to keep it from automatically attempting to shoot during movement phase if you prefer. The game again displays the charge zone when you are selecting your charge target. I also fixed a few memory leaks and a couple of AV's. I'm trying to setup the toolbar formation and movement plot buttons so they are disabled where appropriate, instead of displaying an error message when you try to do something against the rules.

I've been lurking on CSW for a couple of weeks now. It's part of my daily surfing, along with Yahoo news and PvP. I've noticed the discussions on house rules and the upcoming 5th edition. It's way too early, but I have started speculating on how we might support 5th edition rules and how we might make it easier to change the rules in order to support popular house rules sets. This is very blue sky for now...gotta get to market first. I am going to ask Charlie if we can post our PC Eylau rules (adapted from 4th edition) on the beta site. I'm hoping this might generate more interest in the beta program.

In the meantime, I have another couple of hours to put into the current set of bugs and enhancements, then I'll get back to the AI. I should be putting in another 20 or so hours this week/month.


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