Sunday, July 11, 2004

To Bland or not

What's in a name? I decided to take a look at this blog and its surroundings from "outside the wire". I ran a search on Yahoo. Not too bad...I got top billing, and one more mention later on, from my Yahoo profile. A lot of junk there, though. I'm not sure I want to be associated in any way with some of the hits that came up.

I wonder whether I ought to change the name of this blog? I chose the name at 4am one morning on a whim: one of my coworkers had taken to using it as a nickname for me 'pon occasion. The content of this blog has changed somewhat as well. Originally I planned to post "dear diary" type content to the world at large. Nothing too risque or edgy (as if a blandman could muster up such attributes). Instead I find myself using this as a software developer's log.

Perhaps I should change the name to better reflect that (and distance myself from the other blandman junk). "Ground Truth"? "Incoherent Light"? Gonna have to think about this for a while...


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