Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Get Firefox!

I started using Firefox this week. It's a very good browser. The features I like best so far are the support for tabbed browsing and the bookmarks toolbar. Tabbed browsing allows you to create multiple independent browing windows within the Firefox app; each browsing window is located in its own tab, and you can click between tabs or use Ctrl - Tab to move between tabs. The bookmarks toolbar allows you to configure a toolbar with URLs. One very cool feature is the ability to open all the URLs in the bookmarks toolbar at once, each in a separate tab. A great thing, if you have a "usual suspects" set of sites you browse each morning, for example.

I signed up for the New York Times ad today. It cost $30, but the browser is worth it, IMO, and the opportunity to get my name in the Times is a good one.


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