Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Game Development Status 3/1/05

Monthly total about 2 hours; yearly total around 50 hours.

February was something of a disappointment on the game dev front. I only put in about 20 hours. On the other had, I met someone nice, so the month has a whole was very, very good.

My most recent work has been some more refactoring. I finished an Encapsulate Field refactoring last night, taking the document's Map member (an array of Hexes) private. Over 1100 changes to the code from this refactoring. The good thing is I now have a single GetHex() accessor, providing one-stop shopping for all my debugging needs regarding Hexes. This will allow me to resume debugging a few problems with regroup behavior and stacking.

My next few hours will see those problems resolved, then I will fix a problem with AI game loading.

We're coming down to the wire again. I made a commitment to Charlie Spiegel to have the game in Beta before Origins. I figure I need to get the AI in basic shape to play the Assault of VII Corps and the Opening Moves by the end of April. It's doable at this point, but I need to put more time in.


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