Thursday, February 24, 2005

Halo 1.5

Yes, that's what they should have called it. I finished the single player campaign on "normal" difficulty in about 15 hours. I remember thinking I was perhaps two thirds of the way through when I got to that little "boss monster" encounter. Two thirds felt about right. The boss monster was no big deal to take out. The subsequent cut scenes were reasonable, I felt...they gave me enough time to yawn, stretch, check the time, and loosen up my fingers for the start of the rest of the game. I couldn't believe Bungie ended their content at that point! Roll credits my arse! C'mon people, either put the content in or call the game by it's appropriate name: Halo 1.5.

I'll spend money on future Bungie games as soon as they finish Halo 2, and I can confirm from reviews and walkthroughs that a) they made another Halo game that has a real ending (hey, Halo 1 had a real ending...that rocked!) and b) this next Halo game isn't just the remaining 1/3 of what should have been in this game.


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