Sunday, June 27, 2004

Origins Day 4 Status

The last day of a 4 day convention is always an interesting time. A lot of mixed emotions are usually running through my head on such a day: I never want the convention to end but I'm ready to get home...good feelings towards my fellow gamers...gotta buy those last few things in the dealers room...need sleep badly!

We got checked out of the hotel and over to the convention by 11am. Chris set up in "The War Room" and I made my first purchases in the dealers room. There were far fewer people stirring at that hour; nothing like the huge lines at registration and mobs around the dealers room doors that were present on the previous days. Sean Astin was signing autographs at a table in the main hall. Of course, as the day went on more people showed up. Demographics are always different on Sunday as well. More spouses who are apparently not gamers themselves are in attendance, mostly to see the sights and prevent their significant others from spending little Bobby's college money.

According to Charlie, we're going to have space in the dealers room to run demos of the finished product next year. Charlie wants to run a ticketed event (buy your ticket, play the game)...we'll see how well that works out.

OK, it's real now. The light is at the end of the tunnel. My rough, really preliminary and extremely-subject-to-change dates are as follows: Alpha around 30 November 2004, Beta around 2 January 2004, Gold no later than 30 April 2005. In production/for sale at Origins 2005. I have yet to run these past Chris or Charlie, and I haven't made time estimates of the remaining work to be done.

I made a list of features and non-functional requirements for going alpha/beta with the game. It's a pretty big list, and a lot of it involves research, so I guess the thing to do is to continue developing as often as possible.


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