Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Origins Day 0 Status

25 hours for the month, 174 for the year, 374 since last Origins.

Bottom line: not ready for prime time.

Details: As of last weekend, I had the test scenario running reasonably well. The test scenario starts IV/2 Div at the map's edge, near (52, 1), and places the Russian 8th Div in the starting positions for the Opening Moves scenario. With the collision avoidance code in place, IV/2 moves ahead and engages the Russians with weapons fire pretty effectively. Code for Assaults and Charges is incomplete, as is code for anything above divisional level. There is no code to handle defensive missions yet.

I tried running the current code with the complete Opening Moves order of battle, but could not get the computer AI to move any units. Fixing this problem is my task for tonight.

In any event, Chris and I will be in the dealer's room (if possible), demoing the program at the Clash of Arms booth.


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