Saturday, June 26, 2004

Origins Day 3 Observations

Another good day. We set up inside "The War Room" itself today. Much old-school wargaming going on, very few munchkins (age- or attitude-wise) in attendance. Had a steady stream of people come by and check out the game. Few people wanted to sit and try it, but many expressed interest in picking up the finished product. Ed Wimble came by and was very interested in the game. Chris showed him the ropes, and Ed was rarin' to go. He said there's enough of a game now [in hotseat mode] to really interest him.

The dealer's room rocks! Plenty of specials in store. I picked up a boatload of Ogre minis to share with a friend. I also picked up some very nice dice from Crystal Caste.

Working steadily on the game: two weeks ago we could barely get the AI to move a single division, now we move about half the troops on the board in a meaningful manner. I am working on code to breakdown Corps-level orders to its divisions. I am also working with a new test scenario: the Assault of VII Corps. The Opening Moves scenario proved to have a number of special cases pertaining to forces entering the board in a meeting engagement. I am choosing to ignore those cases for the time being in order to concentrate on core functionality. I think we'll be in Beta before the end of the year...we keep peeling the onion in terms of finding new work to complete, but I think there aren't so many layers left anymore.


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