Thursday, January 27, 2005

What's in a name?

I changed the name of this blog today from Blandman Chronicles to Programming-In-The-One. This reflects the evolution of this blog from a meaningless repository of dear diary content to a meaningless respository of development status and observations.

The new name is something of a play on words regarding the terms programming-in-the-large (regarding large system development projects) and programming-in-the-small. One thing methodologies and processes seem to consistently come up short on is advice tailored for the individual developer working alone. No separate Q/A, CM, DBA, documentation, help desk, business process analyst, or project management. No other developers, no team lead, no mentoring, no pairing, nada. Like the Monty Python skit, "there is only me."

I also changed the layout, using the Minima template by Douglas Bowman. Nice!


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