Monday, May 03, 2004

Personal life/luv life update: Two steps forward, none back (over the last few days). Alimony officially down to 5.6 months left. I ran 20 miles last week, including a 5 miler on Sunday. Holding off on the NASA resume for now...I really want to stretch my tenure to 4 years with my present employer.

I've decided to bypass the "lose 5 pounds and try again" 'tween dates thang in favor of "lose 25 pounds and do (or do not, there is no try)". I've come across the profiles of a number of very attractive and compatible girls at Match who seem to be looking for a guy with a six-pack. OK, can do. After all, I have a six-pack. Somewhere in there. I did well enough last week, dropping from 256 at the start of the week to my first peek under 250 this year. "Up the voltage!"


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