Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Game Development Status

I wrapped up the year this afternoon with a good session, just over 3 hours. Total for the month was 20 hours 34 minutes. Total time since 1 June is 161 hours and 48 minutes (give or take).

I am working on code to elaborate the AI's selected plan with location and direction information. In recent conversations Chris mentioned that he has an integrated build now with both the high level and low level AI in operation.

Tasks for this month include further integration of the two parts of the AI, tuning the AI, and fit & finish fixes and enhancements. We are going beta this month, dammit!

Other "News"

Back on Subway. My most recent run was a long run of 7 miles. I'm getting over a cold that has kept me from running the past week. Still on track for a "gate" run of 10+ miles distance before the half marathon in January, but it's getting close. Love life is on hold...too much to do now with the game, plus I intend to get below 250# before I become active again. (That darned golden rule thang.)

I've resume spinning up on Visual Studio .Net. I anticipate an involuntary separation event at work sometime in the next 3-12 months; there's been talk of outsourcing software development to a firm in the UK. Even though a recent presentation by the new head of global IT was reassuring, I'd rather be ready to move. So, time to get fit, update my professional wardrobe, update my skill set to .Net, and maintain my savings account balance.

Guess I have my list of new year's resolutions already. Cool. Kewl. Coo-elllll.


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