Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Game Dev Status

monthly total 28 hours 53 minutes; 2004 yearly total 46 hours 08 minutes

Things are definitely heating up. I completed the integration work between the high level and low level AIs over the weekend. I was able to do this in the absence of an integrated build by using parts of the scripted AI developed for (and during) last Origins.

The AI Moved!

The AI created movement order for its units according to the plan it generated. It was very cool to see IV/2nd Division come up from the south after a few turns.

I also created the first of a series of stripped-down test databases to help me tune the AI. This first database is a version of the Opening Moves scenario that pits IV/2 against the Russian 8th Division.

This evening I put in a debug feature to turn of limited intelligence, so I could see where the AI was moving. This is going to be damned useful. Already I find my self able to get a lot more diagnosis done in a single test run.

Upcoming Tasks:

Debugging some AV's (crashes) in the game.
Fixing turn transitions in the high level AI. The high level AI does not seem to properly recognize reinforcements coming on to the board.
Showing limited NME information in the Unit Info dialog where limited intel rules permit.
Integration of my baseline with Chris'. Chris has the low level AI and the code that plots attacks and postures.
Tuning of the AI.
Lots and lots of testing!


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