Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I saw Return of the King today. I came, I saw, I came again. Yeah, baby!

Running total for the week is 9 miles: 5 Monday and 4 Tuesday. The new 24 Hour Fitness on Bay Area Blvd. east of I-45 just opened. Cuts 20 minutes off the round trip. I have hopes to transition to morning runs.

Game Development Status

14 hours as of last night.

I implemented code to provide footprints for parallel lines and parallel columns. Did some nice refactoring to this code to make it common to both routines; I'll have to go back and apply that refactoring across the board soon.

Back to high level AI tuning tonight or the next night. I'm working on permitting a single command to "cover" two victory locations. I am also hammering out the details of integration with the low level AI, to include adding a mission to the assignment...currently the plans generated by the high level AI assign commands to victory locations without explicitly indicating whether the command should attack, defend, delay, screen, etc. Finally, I want to update the plan ranking code to take into account the scenario's victory conditions when sorting plans. Current ranking is only based on total victory location ownership at end of game.


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