Sunday, July 05, 2009

PC PIC-Guam Status 7/5/09

I've written the high level design for over 80 percent of the decisions to be made by the AI, so I've switched over to working on the UI prototype for a while.

Today I got the code working for the cursor position on the map, and I adapted the PC Eylau code for mapping the cursor position to the map hex. I also figured out how to fix some problems I'd had with that code in PC Eylau.

Other UI techniques I will prototype include

  • use PIC-Guam map on screen
  • show a unit graphic on a hex
  • show a stack graphic on a hex
  • click through a stack
  • click to select a hex
  • apply overlays to a hex: current hex highlight and colored overlay
  • shade a hex
  • make a hex transparent; restore the normal appearance of a hex
  • context menu
  • menu
  • docking toolbars
  • docking windows
  • splash screen;video clips
  • help | about dialog
  • scrolling credits
  • play a music file
  • store all graphics in a separate resource assembly (not sure of term)
  • MVVM
  • stack view; allows cycling through units easily
  • drag and drop
  • display part of the map (a megahex) in another view
  • display part of the map (a megahex) in a dialog
  • animated buttons
  • progress indicator
  • animated/smooth movement of hexes from hex to hex during movement
  • playback of movement (replay)

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