Sunday, June 07, 2009

PIC-Guam Progress

I am continuing to playtest the PIC-Guam game. I have been reviewing the rules, particularly from the point of view of writing a computer "AI" opponent. My latest set of questions includes

  • Do landing units have to stay in their lanes? For example, the way the lanes are drawn it looks as if Red 1 can land in either 2712 or 2711.
  • Can you add a note about the lagoon half strength rule to the CRTs?
  • Is a lagoon hex considered to be a non-clear hex? Can I cause X fire casualties by firing into a lagoon hex?
  • Which hex is the "sea" hex? Is the sequence properly sea-lagoon-beach, or really lagoon-beach?
  • What happens if landing units are stuck on the lagoon or beach? Do stacking limits prevent further entry to a lagoon or beach hex, delaying further landing waves? Do stacking limits apply in a lagoon hex?
  • 3.4 What is the size of an HQ unit? Should there be an exception to 3.4 Stacking that permits a regimental HQ to stack with its regiment in violation of the stacking rules?
  • Can a landing unit move from one lagoon hex to another? Can a landing unit move outside the designated lanes?
  • 3.6 Can Japanese replacements be chosen for an HQ unit that was destroyed?
  • Are Naval units placed at the "start of each turn" per 11.2, or are they placed in Movement phase? In other words, when are ships placed on the map?
  • Can 6.2.4 Air-Ground suppression take place if the Japanese unit is in a fortification?
  • Does 5.5 Japanese infiltration apply to all Japanese units, including armor?
  • I think the last sentence should be removed. It seems to me that per, a unit in a lagoon is obliged to either move to a clear beach hex (see my first question above), or is obliged to perform an Amphibious Assault against an enemy controlled beach hex. There appears to be no logical way for a US unit in a lagoon to perform an Amphibious Assault against a non-beach hex.

I think this is a great set of rules. It is pretty easy to play, very easy to develop an AI for, and reasonably faithful to what I have been able to learn about the Battle of Guam in 1944. I am very happy to be participating in the playtest.

I'm currently putting together a proposal to develop a PC-based game for this title. I don't know whether GSI of TX will be interested in it, but I certainly am: I think I can build the entire game, including multiple play modes and an acceptable AI opponent, in less time that I can complete the work on PC Eylau.

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