Monday, November 07, 2005

Game Development Status 11/7/05

(October total 6 hours 13 minutes.)
Monthly total 6 hours 16 minutes; yearly total 230 hours 49 minutes.

I just sent off the "Halloween Beta" to Chris for review.

The Jump Map is now modeless. It toggles on (and off) using the F9 key. The size and position of the reticle representing the portion of the map displayed on screen updates as the map is scrolled or the Game Messages window is resized or repositioned.

The Victory Condition dialog now displays the actual text of the victory conditions from the Battle Book.

And the Credits dialog (off Help | About) will pause and resume the (otherwise) automatic scrolling of the dialog. There are also buttons to control the speed of the scrolling.

I already have as much time in this month as all of last month. I'll continue to move forward this month. I will work on bugs and UI enhancements for the time being, until we hear back from Clash of Arms.

vive l'E!


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