Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ready, Fire, Aim (Oops)

I'm working on the fire combat model for the PIC-Guam prototype. I added a FireCombat class to contain the information about the combat. I added a Turn class with lists of FireCombats for the US and Japanese fire phases, and added a list of Turns to the Game class. Then I got down to work. I added a bunch of code to support combat results table (CRT) processing. FireCombatResolution, OddsRatio and FireDieRollModifier are all enums. I also added FireCombatCRT and FireModifier classes, and nonserializable static lists of same to the main FireCombat class. Finally, I added a constructor to FireCombat and a couple of methods to setup the lists of FireCombatCRTs and FireModifiers.

And that was my 49 minutes for today.

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