Saturday, October 17, 2009

Game Status Update 10/17/09

OK, here's the deal. PC Eylau is not dead, but it is on the shelf. As Miracle Max said in The Princess Bride, it's only mostly dead. Though there has been a shakeup at Clash of Arms that could lead to publishing the game without an AI, I think the game needs to be re-implemented as a C#/WPF game in order to produce a stable product. Taking into account the time estimate for that work and a guess as to the size of the market for that game, and comparing that with the cost/benefits for PC PIC-Guam, there''s more money to be made for less effort for PC PIC-Guam.

So PC PIC-Guam is a go. I am moving forward with the PC PIC-Guam prototype by replacing the WPF Docking Library with AvalonDock (4-8 hours). After that I will move the prototype to the Visual Studio 2010 beta in order to get support for unit testing (1-2 hours). Then I will implement a couple of views and enough UI controls to drive basic game play; at the same time I will begin work on the game system code with the goal of prototyping basic combat for the head-to-head play mode (SWAG 20-32 hours). This totals up to 25-42 hours, or 6-11 weeks at 4 hours per week. Adding 6 more weeks to account for the birth of our baby, Christmas vacation, final review for the 70-502 WPF cert test, and family visits, I estimate I will complete this work around February 14th.

Once I complete the prototype, I will update my project plan and get with Chris about releasing the prototype to the test group as a preview.

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