Thursday, June 25, 2009

Administaff Observatory - NHAC Open House

Dawn and I went to the Administaff Observatory for the NHAC open house night. Members were treated to the full tour of the facility.

Administaff Observatory
The observatory is located on the campus of Jack Fields Elementary School. It's a roll off roof design.

Administaff Observatory
The telescopes (pictured, left to right) include a 16" Meade Lightbridge dob reflector, a 20" Planetwave instrument, a Meade 16" SCT (I think), and a Coronado Solarmax 90. The Planetwave and SCT are computer controlled by a couple of Dell desktops.

Administaff Observatory
There is also a whiteboard, a projector, red lights inside and out, a ramp providing wheelchair access, an equipment storage room, and (thankfully) a restroom.
Administaff ObservatoryAnother view of the pier-mounted instruments. Planetwave, Meade SCT, and Dawn in the background.

Administaff Observatory
Aaron Clevenson, right, in the bandana, holding forth on subjects astronomical. Other NHAC members are in the background. Note the wall in the background. The Administaff Observatory received significant funding from donations. The oval plaques represent large donors; some of the major stars are also named for donors.

Administaff Observatory

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