Friday, April 04, 2008

Wish I Could Get a Redo on the Game

I'm studying for the Microsoft 70-536 Certification test. This covers .Net 2.0 Framework Application Development Foundation. (Visual) Basically, this means "how to get stuff done in .Net". All kinds of stuff. I'm working through the chapter on Serialization now and just read a sidebar on serialization internals that talks about how the ObjectManager handles forward and backward references to other objects. This is a recurring problem for me in PC Eylau. As I add new data to be saved, I frequently have to write code to fix object references after deserialization (loading a game file).

I really wish at times that I could take a few hundred hours and re-implement the game in C# in .Net. This would fix all my serialization problems and all the memory leak problems, it would give me better exception handling, and I'd be able to use generics for type-safe collections. Plus, I think I could trim off a lot of unnecessary code...C# (heck, VB.Net, too) and .Net 2.0 are a bit more terse than native VC++ and MFC for quite a few things I'm trying to do. Of course, on the downside I'd have to reinvent some wheels.

Maybe I'll do this in Eylau 2.0. For now, I must spend the available time to get the darn thing (AI) to work!


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