Thursday, August 18, 2005

Game Development Status 8/18/05

(July total 23 hours.)

August monthly total ~13 hours; yearly total over 203 hours.

We received our first bug last week from the current group of Beta Testers. Bob Fulton was unable to run the Assault of VII Corps past turn 2 without a crash. Chris Fasulo identified and fixed the problem, and we should have an updated version of the game on the Beta Test Group soon.

We are hoping for a go-ahead decision from Clash of Arms for an AI-light version of Eylau. I have been working fit and finish tasks. I am currently working on animating the game, so that you can see each unit moving and fighting as the turn execution progresses. This will ultimately involve rewriting parts of the simulation exec to record each action taken. The animation framework code is in place now, and it works for movements of units from hex to hex. This evening I worked refactoring the exec code dealing with rotate plots. I extracted 5 methods and reduced the size of the code by around 200 lines as I also reduced complexity and increased readability.

vive L'E!


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