Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Origins 2005 Day 0 Report

Monthly total effort 26 hours; yearly total 163 hours.

I put in a few hours of work today on the plane and at the hotel. I
was mostly fixing bugs:

fix bug 050622-2:
Disordered artillery has no fire zone.

I'm not even sure artillery can fire when disordered, but just in case, I updated the FillFireZone() code to do so.

fix bug 050622-1:

Artillery is not plotted to regroup by the AI.

The CEylauCommander::FindAStarPath() function was not processing hexes unless the hex was in a path that was attainable using the unit's total movement points. I changed this to allow proper support for MP-limited pathing.

fix bug 050629-3:

Reinforcing units do not move as reinforcements after entry turn.

fix bug 050629-2:

IV/2 has CP when IV does as well.

I added code to "move" the CP up to a higher echelon command if the division leader was in command.

I've been getting a contact high just from being here. There's something about Origins. It's like going to the Superbowl (of gaming).

vive L'E!

Bill N.


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