Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Game Developement Status 5/17/05

Monthly total 16 hours; yearly total 123 hours.

I finished April with about 29 hours of work.

Things are going well for Eylau. I did 6 hours of work yesterday. The AI game now saves and loads in any turn in any phase, so the "AI Alpha" is a go. I am currently working on my Mission Essential Task List for Origins 2005. This includes the following

  • Save/Load AI Game (done)
  • infantry conducts feu and assault (done)
  • cavalry conducts charge (done)
  • infantry artillery units unlimber and fire (in progress)
  • Play Assault of VII Corps scenario
    • change goals in the middle of the game to allow VII Corps to retreat

  • Play The Opening Moves scenario
    • include multiple goals in the FEBA set; FEBA set is static

  • work fit and finish tasks and critical bugs as time permits
  • prepare report of game status for Chris

Right now, I have artillery firing when in battery. Only Artillery a Cheval goes into battery with any consistency, but I'm working on that.

We are heading to a code freeze on June 11. I expect to have the METL completed by then.


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