Thursday, February 10, 2005

Coming Up for Air

Just a quick tag...been quite busy at the office. I just got the green light to extend my web-based Invoice Application to the remainder of our offices. Here's a pic of the "View" page (click for full size):

I am also working on a new Incident Reporting System -- an ASP.Net/VB.Net system to allow field office to document accidents, illnesses, and the like. And I continue to upgrade the Retain Tracking System, a .Net Compact Framework inventory support app, running on Symbol PPT 2800 Pocket PCs with barcode scanners. RTS talks to our Lab Information Management System (LIMS) via a web service. See the pictures below (click for full size):

That's what's going on during the day.

I'm still trying to keep up the momentum on Eylau. I fixed the AI movement problem...the AI is moving again, and the code is the better for the recent refactorings. I also fixed a problem with leader units: sometimes they deleted their executed move plots after moving, so it was not possible to see the movement path in the UI. I'll be back to working on the Divisional AI by the Friday.

Friday, yeah! It's a day off for me.

On a personal note, I'm doing the dating thang...third date tonight. :-) I'm still running, and (still) playing Halo 2. Doing some work around the apartment to reduce the amount of clutter. Doing the family and friends thing. Perpetually seeking balance as best I can.


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