Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Game Development Status

Another hour-plus of effort expended this evening. I worked on debugging the work I did on integrating A* with my existing movement code. It turned out that the existing AI code was plotting lines of attack at the objective; the code that was supposed to locate the line of attack within the limits of the command's movement was broken. Also, the A* path generator includes the unit's current hex in the path, which breaks the code that translates the A* path to a valid movement plot.

Other Dev Notes

I started reading Martin Fowler's UML Distilled 3ed this week as part of my continuing education. A very good read, much improved over the second edition. My intent in reading this is to familarize myself with the UML (again) in preparation for playing with Visio for Enterprise Architects and .Net. I want to see whether I can make use of the much-touted round trip software engineering features of these tools to aid in my software development activities at the office.

Personal Notes (a.k.a. Dear Diary)

Another 4 mile run today. That makes a total of 68 miles so far this month. My running log shows I havn't run this far in a month since I lived in Albuquerque. That I am able to do this as I increase my pace without injuring myself is just icing on the cake. I've even had the impression a couple of times lately at 24Hour Fitness that some of the looks coming my way are somewhat more positive than "ohmygod-you-bloated-sack-of-protoplasm".


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