Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game Dev Status 7/2/06

June total 11 hours; July to date 3 hours; Yearly total 57 hours.

I am working on bugs in the Exec and the AI. Currently I am refactoring our executeMelees() code while preparing to fix bugs pertaining to assault. Once the current refactoring is complete, I will be ready to fix a problem with all units disappearing after an assault, another problem in which units not in contact are counted for assault frontage, and double defensive fire when the defending unit stands in the face of the assault.

On a technical note, I extracted 8 methods, pulled up a field and a method, replaced conditional with polymorphism in two places, and consolidated duplicate conditional fragments a few times. executeMelees() has been reduced from a monolithic 1100 lines of code to a readable collection of 9 methods totaling 800 lines. I also applied the Singleton design pattern to the AI and researched the applicability of the Strategy design pattern to the levels of intel and order processing in the AI.

Seems kind of strange to not have been at Origins this weekend. (sigh)


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