Sunday, November 06, 2011

Game Development Status 11/6/11

I am continuing to work on the prototype for the AI and UI for PC PIC-Guam. This weekend I wrote the evaluation function for the Fire Combat AI, hooked the AI up to the game system, and got the Japanese to conduct a Defensive Fire. I'm filling in around the edges now. The UI is not displaying color overlays to indicate the target hexes of the AI's fire combats. I also have some additional testing to do to make sure the game phases out of AI fire phases OK. After that I need to make sure the AI moves execute, and then I will change the game to have the AI run the US side.

My backlog (from Evernote) looks like

Finish the prototype
Write the Eval method
11/6/11 - 2 hours
Hand-calc the stat avg values
this was not necessary, as it is possible to calculate the values.
Write the allocation selection code
11/6/11 - 1 hour
Write code to apply the selected fire allocation and resolve the attacks
11/6/11 - 1 hour
Test to confirm that attacks occur and make sense: phase, AI runs, game resolves fires from selected allocation, player reviews results, phase again and results no longer display
Write code to move the AI's units.
Change the code to play the US side
Test the movement part of the code
Remove assault and reorg phases
Test to confirm that AI and player phase the game and that each phase has something real happening
Write code to detect victory conditions and display a victory message (turns/duration date of victory, victory conditions)
Add the full orbat for the first scenario
Test the first scenario
do I need to remove other (unused) phases ?
Write an installer including a EULA with full disclaimers
test on home laptop and dawn's laptop: install, uninstall, BVT (run 1 turn), full game to include victory conditions

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