Thursday, March 09, 2006

Game Development Status 3/9/2006

I did some work tonight on the LOS display code. The game provides Circular and Point-to-Point LOS display functions to the player. The color coding was inconsistent.

I wound up refactoring the code so both functions use the same LOS determination code and the same drawing code.

I have one other piece of work to do before I get back to the AI. I promised Charlie and Ed I would work out how to use Terry Leeds’ art in the game. Charlie sent me a copy of the Quatre Bras 2 ADC2 module last week, which included Terry’s superb art for QB2. I will figure out how to setup the application to use the maps and counter art, which will require that I change the size of the hexes used on the map and counters, and change the number of counters on the map. I plan to collect all the code changes required to make this happen in one place. At this time, I will only convert a couple of counters; in order to do so, I have to take a single counter image from the countermix, copy the image 11 more times, rotating it 30 degrees in each case, and embed all the rotated images in a single bitmap. I will work out a technique for doing so quickly, and leave it up to someone else (Chris?) to do the conversion work on the rest of the counters.

I’m wondering whether we might be able to set up a QB2 version of the game for demo purposes for Origins this year. There may not be enough time, but if we had one, I wonder whether Charlie might find some table space in the dealers' room? News at 11.


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