Thursday, June 23, 2005

My Current Eylau TODO List 6/23/05

I'm waiting for the caffeine to kick in tonight...just thought I'd post my current TODO list of tasks for Eylau:

a fix bug 050622-3:
AV in CEylauGameChronologie::executeCharges() for charging unit

debug is in place for "test om turn 5 co.eyl", Iz Hussars

looks like the m_olChargePlot has junk in it

bug see Chris' e-mail [this is a save game bug that Chris found when playing in Hotseat mode]

bug 050622-1:
Artillery is not plotted to regroup by the AI

root cause and example: artillery is listed as "In command" when it is not
ex. "test om turn 5 co.eyl", co 13/5th Art a Pied in IV/2 at (70, 10)

bug 050622-2:
Disordered artillery has no fire zone (?)

ex. "test om turn 5 co.eyl", 8th Lt Art 2 at (47, 6)

next: confirm artillery can fire while disordered

bug 050523-1:
IV/3/26 Legere in (48, ?) fires 2 hexes away thru friendlies in ?, ? at NME in ?, ?

attempt to repro

enh 050622+1:
show a range fan for Assault plot selection

enh 050614+1:
mid-high implement ricochet fire
see Regs XXII, page 32 for rules
ricochet fire hits all units along the path of fire, out to extreme range

notes 6/14/05:
planning...estimate 4 hours

  • draw an overlay image to indicate artillery fire
  • write code to identify all target hexes (occupied by NME, in LOS) along path of fire
  • write code to attack each hex in turn, applying range modifiers appropriate
  • add list of hexes to doc that received fire
  • view iterates through list and displays overlay
  • test each of the above features
bug 050611-2:
detection code is spotty, see "test om turn 4 co.eyl"

next: attempt to repro

bug 050615-4:
assaulting unit that went PGD and was destroyed is not listed in the Melee results dlg

next: make a save game file for testing

enh 050615+1:
change range fan determination to take LOS into account

vive L'E (as soon as I can find that defib machine)


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