Friday, May 27, 2005

Game Development Status 5/26/05

Monthly total ~25 hours; yearly total ~132 hours.

Artillery is now unlimbering and firing for the AI. It is not always sited very well, but it is doing something for now.

I have been working on getting the Opening Moves scenario to play a complete game. I have also been working on the AI save file issue. I have been noting a lot of behavioral problems that need to be improved.

The AI is still very stupid -- it just bulls straight ahead and it does not do much reasoning concerning enemy commands. If multiple commands have the same goal, they tend to physically interfere with one another. The AI in its current brilliance will run the Russian units out of Freiheit, but will not occupy enough hexes in the town to officially "take" the town. The AI does not understand flanks, or reserves, or maintenance of aim (there is excessive goal "churn"). The AI does not understand tieing in flanks, or screening, or retreats, or even defensive missions (I haven't written that part yet).

There's a long way to go to get the AI to perform well in the Corps and Army level fights.

We'll get there. I'm just not sure who'll be president when that happens. :-)


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