Thursday, May 19, 2005

Game Development Status 5/19/05

Monthly total almost 18 hours; yearly total over 124 hours.

I made good progress on the artillery code the last couple of sessions. I have AI artillery unlimbering and firing now (well, again, actually). I got a rules clarification from the La Bat forum at CSW, and another from the rulebook. Artillery a cheval does not halt its movement when entering a ZOI (ZdI). Artillery a pied halts its move, but can unlimber in that hex if plotted to do so. I have made these changes in the game.

I also added code to prevent artillery from going into battery in a maneuver command unless a certain percentage of units in the command is engaged. I'm currently running the threshold at 35%.

There is an interesting article about rules changes in the new Regs on Consimworld. We'll have to ask Charlie and Ed what they want to do about the new Regs. It would be a major undertaking to update the game to work with the new Regs. We're probably talking a push back of 6 months to a year to do so.

I was reading the scenario special rules for Assault of VII Corps the other day. It was a rude awakening for me: the rules are quite detailed in restricting the movement of the VII Corps. Chris decided that we would not implement the detailed special rules for Assault. This is a good thing; it would require a lot of work at this point. I think we will still do what we had planned to do all along: allow VII Corps to retreat after a certain number of turns (perhaps 3 or 4 turns).


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