Sunday, April 24, 2005

Game Development Status 4/23/05

Monthly total 21 hours 12 minuts; yearly total 98 hours 24 minutes.

I drove up to Dallas yesterday to visit with Chris. We talked about our goals for this Origins convention and the steps we needed to take to accomplish those goals.

Our plan is to make an AI "Alpha" CD available at the convention. The code is still pretty buggy, so an Alpha is the best we can do at this time.

We will work on the following tasks to accomplish this:

Make the CD: code freeze is 11 June for the AI Alpha CD. I will turn over the code to Chris at that time, and he will develop the Setup program and burn and test the installation CDs. The CDs will restrict the AI game to only the Opening Moves and the Assault of VII Corps scenarios.

Setup a web site for supporting the Beta group: We will insure that we can provide a controlled area for the Beta testers to share comments and receive program updates. Right now the plan is to use the Yahoo group for GSI Beta Testing to support this. As of this morning, membership in the group must be approved by Chris or myself. We're doing this because we are going to be sending around passwords to update zip files on the group message board. We want everyone in the group to sign a non-disclosure agreement, too. This is pretty standard stuff...we worked hard to get where we are, and we want (and really need) tester input on what we are doing.

Improve the game! I have to get the load game function working correctly for the AI before 11 June.

The game will support Hotseat, Play By E-mail, and AI modes of play. We'll also publish some test guidelines and hints for the testers on the beta site.


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