Thursday, April 21, 2005

Game Development Status 4/21/05

Monthly total 18 hours 42 minutes; yearly total 95 hours 56 minutes.

I fixed a problem this evening that had been frustrating me for over a week. The game was AV'ing during turn 4 execution of an AI-generated move. The code worked for other AI units on earlier turns, and the code also worked if I moved the (reinforcing) unit in question to an earlier turn. A search on the web indicated this problem was likely due to threading problems.

I finally refactored the ZdI code in the Unit class. I performed an 'Encapsulate Field' refactoring in order to reduce the number of lines I would need to look at via breakpoints. The weird thing was that I could not reproduce the problem once I completed the refactoring!

Last week I refactored the advance after melee a cheval code. I think I broke something somewhere: (click on the picture for full size)

Image hosted by

I know the advance after melee a cheval code is broken. It also seems that the AI charge plotting code is also busted. Note the plot for 2nd Dragoons.


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