Thursday, May 27, 2004

Game Development Status

Moving along. I got the A* code debugged this evening so that units move to the line of attack. Two immediate problems showed up:

1) There are collisions during movement execution, as some units are plotted to move through a hex occupied by a unit. I need to write some collision detection and resolution code.

2) The logic that positions the line of attack assumes that the command is in contact with the enemy. I need to add code to allow it to recognize a movement to contact scenario.

I am within a couple of hours' work of resuming the other bullets from my 4/27/04 post. At this point I consider that list to be the minimum required functionality to demonstrate the Opening Moves scenario.

Monday is a day off of work...hmmm...Diedrichs is open on holidays...yessss...I will work on the game Monday and see how much I can catch up.


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