Sunday, November 08, 2009

Game Development Status 11/4/09

I've been thinking about priorities lately. There are several things I want to work on for the game and limited time in which to do the work. By my own plan I am supposed to be prototyping the UI, the game system, and parts of the AI, pretty much in that order. I have spent time lately on supporting infrastructure tasks such as familiarization with MVVM and AvalonDock. While I ought to be willing to throw the prototype away and start over fresh when I get the final approval to proceed, I hate to waste the work. The questions I have are whether I should just throw some code together for the prototype or whether I should complete my familiarization with MVVM and AvalonDock so I can proceed using TDD and use the prototype as the basis for the final game.

I may not even have approval to write a game for PIC-Guam. I don't have an agreement yet with Chris.

One thing I did decide recently is that I will write this game regardless of whether I have Chris' appproval to do so. I believe I can do so as a hobby project even if I don't have a contract. I want to write a game. PIC-Guam should translate extremely well to the PC, and its much of its AI and UI will be applicable to many different game systems. Even if I cannot sell a PC PIC-Guam game, I should be able to rework the exec, AI, and UI to support other games in the future.

I think the most important thing to do is write the damn thing.

Which part should I write first? Tricky...

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