Sunday, May 10, 2009

TADA! No More Ta-da Lists

I deleted my Ta-da Lists account today. I tried it out based on the recommendation at The Simple Dollar, but I found it did not work for me.

I keep track of my various todo lists in several ways. I have an ongoing developers log in a text file. I edit this in notepad, and I use it to keep track of things I do at work. This includes a rolling to do list that I copy and paste each day. I have a similar file for things I do for the PC Eylau game. I keep track of time sensitive and recurring things in Outlook. I keep some wish lists and spending plan information in an
excel spreadsheet. These all work very well for me; I've been doing things this way for years, so I know where everything is.

The only thing
Ta-da Lists offered was a convenient way of publishing a to do list. I prefer to blog about my intentions instead. So I deleted my account on Ta-da Lists, as it was not helping me to do anything I wanted to do.

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