Saturday, May 16, 2009

PIC-Guam Playtest - Call for Testers

I'm participating in the playtest for Grognard Simulations' boardgame Pacific Islands Campaign - Guam. I spoke with my friend Chris today; he's the grognard at Grognard Simulations. It turns out he's looking for another couple of playtesters. Just one or two at this time. There is no compensation associated with being a playtester that I know of, but playtesters do get a playtest copy of the game and probably get a mention in the credits in the rulebook.
(I'm not quite sure of this last, but it's a typical practice.)

Ideally a playtester would have good boardgaming experience with wargaming titles from
Clash of Arms Games, Avalon Hill, SPI, Victory Games, MMP/The Gamers, GMT, and so on. Playtesting consists of playing the game scenarios as many times as possible with an eye towards discovering problems in the rules, in the force structure and/or in the play balance.

Contact Chris via the Grognard Simulations site. You can also contact him to get put on his mailing list to be notified when the game is available for purchase.

On a related note, I've put the PIC-Guam banner add on the blog.

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