Saturday, April 25, 2009

Game Dev Status 4/25/09

I'm making good progress on the "One Div" version of the AI for PC Eylau. I have put in just over 12 hours of work so far this month. The CreateAttackOrdersFromAssignment() code looks like

This is pretty simple. If the enemy cannot contact us this turn, move to a phase line along the axis of advance towards the current goal (a victory hex location). If the enemy can contact us this turn, define a FEBA based on a phase line along the axis of advance conforming to the enemy locations, and move to this FEBA to place units so they can deliver attacks with maximized estimated results. If the enemy is in contact already, adjust units' locations to improve estimated attack results.

The code fans out from there and becomes somewhat more complex in the realization of these aims. I'm still working on CreateMovementToContactOrders() at this time. Once I have something to show, I'll see about putting together a video.

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CppDepend Alpha Testing Update

I haven't successfully run it yet. It has a few teething troubles. It is an alpha after all.

I'm really looking forward to using it with PC Eylau though.

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