Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Game Development Status 11/21/07

I put in some work on the game for the first time in two months today. The game just hasn't been a high priority for me lately.

I updated the installer and tested it on a couple of laptops. I need to activate a copy of Vista before I can resolve Chris' issues with the installer.

While exploring the setup project, I found the View User Interface option in the context menu from the setup project node in the Solutions Explorer window. This provides a tree view of the installer dialogs, and allows for adding additional dialogs such as a EULA dialog, a Splash dialog, and a Read Me. Each dialog exposes a property allowing for configuration of the logo art displayed at runtime. This was exactly what I had been looking for over the course of many online and MSDN searches...funny how I had never found it before.

In any event, I should be able to activate Vista next week and hope to have a fix for the installer under Vista available for Chris presently. It may be a Merry Christmas indeed for the Beta group.

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