Sunday, January 28, 2007

Still plugging away...

My current employer is a great company to work for, but has a restrictive blogging policy that prohibits the use of company equipment for blogging. As a result of this, I haven't blogged since I started work there last September.

I started to blog the following on ConsimWorld on 28 Dec:

Hi Martin,

I'm still plugging away at it. I'm only up to around 80 hours of effort on the game for the year, versus 280 last year and 380 the year before. Hopefully I can crank things up again in the new year. I've figured out that I can put in 2-3 hours a week during my lunch breaks.

I haven't updated my blogs in a while as my current employer prohibits updating blogs from the office; I'll probably update them soon.

Mostly I have been working on the AI, fixing bugs in preparation for adding more features to it. The AI is the last piece of the puzzle: Clash of Arms really wants to sell this with an AI.

I am still working on the game. I finished 2006 with 80 hours, versus 280 hours in 2005 and 380 hours in 2004. So far in the month of January 2007, I have worked 8 times on the game for a total of 5.5 hours. These days I mostly work at lunch time during the week.

I'm still working on the AI, and I still hope to complete the game one of these days. I haven't heard from Clash of Arms in a very long while, and I haven't talked to Chris in Dallas in a couple of months.


Bill N.