Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Game Development Status 3/15/06

I was starting to nod off at the office after 5:30pm, so I decided not to do any work on the game this evening. I can implement small features well enough when I am tired, but I tend to make poor design decisions.

I did start some reading on how to create Microsoft Installer packages (.MSI). It looks like I can create an .MSI in notepad. At first look, it seems all I have to do is specify files to be installed, default install directory, ODBC DSN, and registry information regarding DLL's. I can get the DLL reg information by manually installing Eylau on a clean PC (I have a clean XP OS virtual machine at the office I can borrow) and diffing before and after copies of the registry.

This is doable, I think. My next step will be to do a couple of hello world .MSI files: first install a file or two, then an ODBC DSN, then a registry mod. This should take an hour or two, IMO.


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