Monday, March 13, 2006

Game Development Status 3/13/06

Monthly Total 7 hours 49 minutes ; Yearly Total 36 hours 40 minutes.

I checked in the code and map for the QB2 Map Demo tonight.

I spent over an hour categorizing the outstanding tasks in my TODO list. I collected all the AI tasks together.

Next I will make a plan to finish the AI, allocate tasks to the plan milestones, and prioritize the current milestone's set of tasks. My first idea is to set milestones corresponding to OK behavior in the divisional fight, corps level games, then multi-corps games. I will characterize each milestone with a mission essential task list (METL) of behaviors I expect of the AI, and map the tasks to those behaviors.

Somewhere in here I hope to find the time to create a Beta install and rebuild my laptop.


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