Thursday, January 12, 2006

First Fire in PC Eylau

2005 Total Effort: 260 hours

January 2006 Monthly Total about 3 hours.

Last night I had a good session. I implemented most of the support for the new First Fire optional rule presented in the Quatre Bras update and in the Regs XXX. This took me about 1 hour to do. Here's what the player sees:

* First, I added controls for First Fire to the Select Game Options page of the Setup Wizard: (click for full size)

On the Select Game options page, notice the First Fire area:

Once you choose to use First Fire in your game, you can select whether to use
the rule as described in Quatre Bras or the Regs XXX.

* In the game, an infantry unit that can First Fire has an " FF " icon next to its fire value in the Unit Info Dialog: (click for full size)

All I have left to do is implement the rules in the game exec. I need to get clarification of the QB First Fire rule first. I don't know how to handle the situation when one or more units firing on a hex has already fired. I'll ask the La Bat forum on ConsimWorld and I'll ask the testers on the GSI Beta Test forum whether they might know.