Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Game Development Status 5/31/05

May monthly total ~31 hours; yearly total ~137 hours.

I continue to work on stabilization issues (read "just another bug hunt"). I am currently working towards getting the Opening Moves scenario to play an AI game to the end, while saving the game to different file names at the end of each turn. This evening I found that we were saving junk values for data that caused problems when the game was reloaded. I spent a couple of hours refactoring the regimental breakdown code in support of this effort.

I looked up my notes from last year: I am 13 hours behind the level of effort I had on this date in 2004. To catch up, all I need to do is work 36 hours between now and the convention. I'll aim to finish 40 hours before I get on the plane.

We really are making progress. Last year the AI behaved like a single-cell organism. This year we're somewhere between a smart dog and a stupid chimpanzee. I'm hoping we can get to village idiot level by the convention.

vive l'E.


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