Sunday, January 11, 2004

Game Development Status


I'm off to a decent start here in the new year. I have over 6 hours in 3 sessions through today.

I'm working on elaboration of the assignments. Previously, assignments had not included locations and directions, and had not included command point allocation. Oops. Well, that's what integration testing is for. I'm close to finishing this code, then back to Chris for further integration.

Once I have that done, I will add a lower echelon level of processing to the high level AI...this will issue orders to French Divisions, given a Corps order.

We still seem on track for a January beta release. Tell your friends. Buy two, they're small.

Has some good conversations this week with Chris concerning the version 4 La Bat rules as expressed in the game. It cleared up a few misconceptions on my part before they could make it into the code! We also spoke about command point allocation, "kedging", division level formations, and various other topics.

I proposed we pull back and nuke the site from's the only way to be sure. Then I was reminded that this was not another bug hunt, and that Napoleon didn't have nukes. Hey, I was just kidding. (But grognards don't surf!)


Bill N.