Monday, November 03, 2003

Game Development Status

Completed the plan generator last week. 1024 Plans for the Opening Moves scenario. I moved away from the graph representation of the map. I will probably still use a graph of nodes and arcs as a means of finding the FEBA set of victory locations.

I did some additional design work and came up with the following:

  • Generate Plans
  • Prune the plans and pre-rank them
  • Evaluate the plans in pre-rank order (probably in groups of X plans at a time depending on how long it takes, so that the AI thread can be interrupted by the main thread)
  • Rank the plans that were evaluated
  • Choose the highest ranking plan
  • Implement that plan

    There will be a bias against changing plans too often. Given development time, I will also add in an option to force the AI to use the historical plan for the first turn.

    I did a quick count of hours spent on the game in the last few months:

    June45 hours 1 minutes
    July27 hours 26 minutes
    August4 hours 42 minutes
    September10 hours 12 minutes
    October32 hours 1 minutes

    I should top 60 hours in November with another 20-30 hours in December. We'll see whether that is enough.

    Coming Up

    Write the pre-rank and pruning functions.
    Write the evaluation function.
    Write the post-rank function.
    Write the selection and persistence code.
    Encode the map as a graph with victory location nodes and arcs linking the nodes geographically.
    Write FEBA determination code.

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