Thursday, November 13, 2003

Dating stuff

Ok, I had a first date last week. Just a dinner/getting-to-know-you sort of thing with a cute girl I met online. Enjoyable. As I said, she's cute, and she's intelligent, too. I'm looking forward to see whether this leads anywhere.

Game Development Status

I'm up to 11 hours 21 minutes for the month as of tonight. I'm a little bit behind the curve, effort-wise, but it seemed a good idea for me to take a couple of nights off and get some sleep. This seems to have paid coworker/friend/officemate is out for the second day now with the flu; I have a mild cold.

I have completed the first cut on the evaluation functions at the assignment and plan levels. Tonight I implemented the code for determining which limited intel commands were in contact with one another. [Limited intel commands are objects that I use to facilitate AI processing. They correspond to actual commands (military organizations) in the game, but replace the game exec data and functions with stuff of use to the AI, such as odds ratio data, contact information, and so on.]

My next steps are

  • Write the first cut post-rank function.
  • Complete the serialization support.
  • Run some smoke tests, to include testing of the serialization code.
  • Add some debug code to show me the progress and results of the AI.

    At that point I will evaluate the processing of the high level AI for the Opening Moves scenario, and tune the AI if necessary. I think I may have to add some debug code to the main thread to mimic the AI processing in a hotseat game for tuning purposes...use the hotseat format of the game to set up a situation, then run the debug code in the main thread to see what the AI makes of it. I may propose this as a game feature: a "computer assist."

    In any event, after the evaluation and tuning I will work with Chris to interface the high level AI with the low level AI. Upon completion of that task, I will write the FEBA determination code and the map encoding and evaluate and tune the high level AI for the other scenarios.

    Bottom Line: At this time, we are still a go for release of the beta by the end of January.

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